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I love learning, leading, collaborating, and reading. My goal as an elementary reading interventionist and an adjunct university reading instructor is to help my students discover the joys of lifelong literacy.

Learning Spaces that Inspire

During this pre-service week, I have enjoyed taking in and admiring all of the wonderful learning spaces being created in our school.  We have all worked hard to try to create spaces that are inviting and inspiring.  Below are just … Continue reading

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Passionate Learning

Every child has a piece of hidden magic—often it is even hidden from themselves.  When we take the time to search for and discover these pieces of magic, we find untapped learning potential. This year, I worked with an exceptional … Continue reading

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Students Voice Opinions About Standardized Tests

Me:  “So, now that state testing is complete, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on standardized tests.” Student: “What does ‘standardized’ mean?” Me:  “Well, when states standardize tests, that means that each school district receives the same or very similar … Continue reading

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The Pygmalion Test

Sometimes reflective thoughts find us while we are exercising, or cooking dinner, or while we are trying to go to sleep.  And then, on occasion, they come from out of nowhere and slap us in the face. I have been … Continue reading

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Defying the data

“At this point, we (the professors in the education department) believe you may want to reconsider your decision to pursue a career in education.” This was the final statement in a letter I received my freshman year of college, after … Continue reading

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“Drowning in shallow water”: How can we deepen literacy instruction?

“If we teach students like they’re morons, then that’s exactly what we’ll get.” We are educators in an age of accountability that presents itself in the form of test data.  Students can unintentionally be viewed as data-makers and teachers, under … Continue reading

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